One sword allure

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One sword allureOne sword allureOne sword allureOne sword allureOne sword allure

"One Sword Allure" is a romantic martial arts love mobile game, creating a social benchmark for martial arts in the industry, providing a beautiful, romantic, fresh and freehand martial arts world.

Break through the traditional social gameplay, create a new emotional world of martial arts, and bring players a romantic experience that is full of love. The elegant and romantic pictures, the ultimate love social experience, the rapid upgrade of the drama and the hang-up, the live voice multi-social, innovative and breakthrough interactive gameplay, allow players to deeply interact and socialize, desperate for love!

【Cross server Battle]

Real-time team formation, real-time duel. Cross-server PVP battles, field BOSS battles, and single-player PK. Whether you are teaming up with your friends or facing the BOSS in a team battle, you can experience the precision of cross-server battles. A variety of PVP, challenge the pinnacle, satisfy your militant heart!

[Innovative mounts]

Various innovative mounts are launched, which enhance the appearance and add new mount options. Choose a mount with powerful attributes to get stronger combat effectiveness and reach the battlefield faster.

Flying mounts with different styles will bring you a brand new visual enjoyment.

[Sci-Fi Fashion]

The collocation of sci-fi fashion not only has the appearance of full sense of science and technology, but also can provide combat power, enhance life, internal and external skills, etc. A large number of attribute bonuses can help you in PK with other players, and the ever-changing combination can make your journey in the rivers and lakes smoother

[This game is 15 supplements]

Game characters wear distinctive costumes, violence, dating and friends, tobacco and alcohol

Pay attention to the time of use and avoid indulging in the game, part of the game content or service requires additional payment.

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