Three Kingdoms God of War-fierce battle among the heroes

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Three Kingdoms God of War-fierce battle among the heroesThree Kingdoms God of War-fierce battle among the heroes

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[Cool 3D Action Card]

[Fight, create your new era of the Three Kingdoms]

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"The Three Kingdoms of War" is a 3D action card game made with the theme of the Three Kingdoms, focusing on combat and hero development, and containing a variety of skills, equipment, pets and other elements. It is a new interpretation of the Three Kingdoms game! Have depth! Have a strategy! An immersive real-time battle game that can be stand-alone and networked. The battle for hegemony of the royal city of the three kingdoms in troubled times is coming at any time. The hot blood fights between the major forces. The PK cool and gorgeous combo skills allow you to match freely. The original colorful general training system and the ultimate position control allow you to control the overall situation at any time, allowing you Experience the unique style of the Three Kingdoms world immersively.

【Features of the game】

◆The national war is imminent, and it will start soon.◆

On the stage of peerless generals, the flames of war caused by lords and lords are coming one after another, highly restored The real world of the Three Kingdoms; every moment of the battle is extremely smooth, and the gorgeous special effects are amazing; the new lineup creation system makes the Three Kingdoms your home court, the whole server war is about to start, and the strongest road to hegemony is waiting for you to open up!

◆Enlist heroes and develop strategies◆

In the game, players can recruit nearly a hundred heroes from the four countries of Wei, Shu and Wu Qun. Each hero has its own unique skills and gods. Soldiers, pets. Cultivating and using different heroes will bring a unique strategy and combat experience.

◆Various equipment, fancy crafting◆

Players can equip heroes in battle with powerful weapons, armors, treasures, holy artifacts, magic weapons, pets, and players can use them in the battle The obtained materials continue to forge equipment to obtain higher attributes. At the same time, players can also inlay gems or recast equipment according to their needs. A variety of equipment greatly enriches the strategy of the game. The military commander's fate equipment can also greatly enhance the skills and attributes, and build your super destiny.

◆Thousands of levels, sound battles◆

There are forty-four chapters in the game, and more than 500 levels are waiting for players to challenge. In different levels, players will face the test of enemy forces with different attributes and diverse skills. Faced with different challenges, players need to constantly adjust the lineup and replace the equipment, and finally overcome the difficulties gradually.

◆Free operation, multiple competitions◆

Panoramic battlefield big map, single finger slide screen, click to move, free operation of any generals, and interactive release of a variety of cool combos. World BOSS, dart car with a hundred people, battle for the city, melee of forces, generals, trial places, team dungeons, whether it is PVP or PVE, there are rich content waiting for you to explore.

◆Super benefits, games of conscience◆

No need to store a dollar, 365 days a year, with an average daily guaranteed income of up to 3000 ingots! In addition, a huge amount of VIP experience is given out every day, and the VIP level can be upgraded without spending money. VIP18 is at hand. On the second day of login, you will get an S-level super-powerful assistant Cai Wenji. In the first two weeks, you will have a chance to get SS Wusheng Guan Yu and SS Chief Governor Zhou Yu! There is no one of the most conscientious mobile games in 2019!

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