Three Kingdoms War-Classic Arcade Warriors Competition

By International Games System Co., Ltd.

Three Kingdoms War-Classic Arcade Warriors CompetitionThree Kingdoms War-Classic Arcade Warriors CompetitionThree Kingdoms War-Classic Arcade Warriors CompetitionThree Kingdoms War-Classic Arcade Warriors CompetitionThree Kingdoms War-Classic Arcade Warriors Competition

The Knights of Valour (KOV) IP was officially launched in 1999. It was a classic arcade IP that swept across the Taiwan Strait. Now in 2018, IGS launched the authentic horizontal version of the Three Kingdoms arcade mobile game (Mobile Game). I saw the players from all walks of life gearing up, and the Three Kingdoms War was about to start, just to dominate the Three Kingdoms dynasty. Who can dominate the Three Kingdoms classics? Download the War of the Three Kingdoms now, waiting for you to fight!

Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, Zhuge Liang, Cao Cao...and other classics of the Three Kingdoms series are all outstanding generals, and you can control them! Ice sword, fire sword, heavenly book... a variety of props for you to schedule! It includes you enjoy the unparalleled burst of gas and super kills, and you can reminisce about the one-currency clearance of childhood, the bloody time of online combat, and you can instantly compete against the war! Download the War of the Three Kingdoms now and regain the soul of arcade fighting!

==Game Features==

► Classic IP, perfect presentation: A complete collection of the Three Kingdoms story content and chapter levels of the classic arcade IP of the Three Kingdoms War period, perfect reproduction of childhood arcade memories , Awaken the blood of the Three Kingdoms in your heart!

► Classic military commanders, at your disposal: Regardless of Wu, Shu, and Wei, the legendary generals of the three kingdoms are at your disposal to team up and play, master the fate of the three kingdoms with one hand, create the strongest team combination, and complete the unification of the country The hegemony!

► Classic props, surprisingly winning: the four swords of ice, fire and electric explosion, Tianshi Talisman, Huangshi Gong...Restore a variety of classic props for you to wear and schedule, allowing you to surprise on the battlefield, and the handle will win!

► Brand-new competition, enthusiastic start: PVP ranked competition system cross-server competition, compete for the strongest rank, dominate the whole server, you will become famous in one battle, dominate the three kingdoms, and create a legend that belongs to you!

► Military commanders challenge, revisit the classics: the classic Three Kingdoms campaign missions are waiting for you to challenge, build your dream team, let you pass five levels every day, cut six generals, shuttle through the battle of the legend of the Three Kingdoms, and defeat the classic heroes of the Three Kingdoms!

► The social group team, join hands to become king: Link your Facebook community friends, comrades-in-arms have a group every day, join forces to fight without loneliness, and a good helper to relive the classics of the Three Kingdoms with your friends!

► Free gold coins, given out every day: Online rewards, daily rewards, and cumulative login rewards are collected every day, so you can't collect gold coins and play for free every day!

==Recommended device specifications==

► Android version requirements: 5.0 or above.

► Minimum memory requirement: 2 GB ram or more.

► Storage space size: 1GB or more installation space.

==More game news==

► Official website:

► Official Facebook fan page: https ://

==warm reminder==

► This software is classified into 15 levels according to the game software classification management method.

► The content of this game involves violence, and the characters in the game are wearing clothing or costumes that highlight sexual characteristics but do not involve sexually suggestive.

► This game is free to use, but there are also paid services such as purchasing virtual treasures in the game. Please experience it according to your personal interests and abilities to avoid excessive consumption.

► Please pay attention to the game time and avoid prolonged indulging in the game, which may affect your physical and mental health. It is recommended to take a moderate rest and exercise.

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