Ninomiya: Interlaced World

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Ninomiya: Interlaced WorldNinomiya: Interlaced WorldNinomiya: Interlaced WorldNinomiya: Interlaced WorldNinomiya: Interlaced World

Planning/production: "Level 5", animation production: "Studio Ghibli", etc.

The game "Ni no Kuni" produced by a luxurious production team

The fantasy adventure RPG "Ni no Kuni: Interlaced World" continues this series.

Invite You embark on a magnificent journey to the new world

"Pre-appointment on the official website starts at 04/14 09:00"

Make an appointment in advance to get the majestic monster "Bull King"!

In addition, the invitation of friends who can obtain the "Udada Hat" fashion is in progress simultaneously!

◀ Game introduction▶

■ Fantasy "adventure" where reality and fantasy coexist

through The virtual reality game "Soul Dependent" travels to another world. A new magnificent journey is waiting for you

Experience the epic journey unfolded in the endless adventure and peaceful coexistence of "Ni no Kuni"!

■ A unique "open world" like watching the theater animation

Using Unreal 4 to create a celluloid open world

Every expression and action of each character has been carefully designed by the production team

■ The unique "professional"

"Swordsman", to the elegant witch "sorcerer" who controls the magic spear,

and the genius girl "technician" who is proficient in various artillery equipment, the prankster "rogue" the archer, and the man who wields a huge hammer Wild warrior "destroyer"

In "Ni no Kuni", what kind of yourself do you want to be?

■ Your lovely companion "Eudemons"

Mysterious creatures only available in "Ni no Kuni" "Eudemons"

The cute appearance hides powerful power

Form bonds with various "Eudemons" full of personality, and grow up together as partners!

■ Build and develop together the kingdom, the core of the social "kingdom"

Rebuild the perished "Nameless Kingdom" and develop together with your companions only your own Kingdom

There are unique "interactive objects" everywhere in the wilderness, bringing interactive objects to the territory, creating a self-styled kingdom

With the goal of becoming the strongest kingdom in the server, Experience various challenges with your companions

■ Access permission instructions■

Storage: In order to store photos on the device, you need the permission to access the album, and you can save the photos or videos you want.

Let’s embark on an adventure with beautiful melody!

※This software is classified according to the Republic of China's game software classification management method: supplementary level 12.

※The content of this game involves violence, horror (not bloody screen), game characters Wearing clothing that highlights sexual characteristics but does not involve sexual suggestion.

※This game is free to use, and there are also paid services such as purchasing virtual game currency and items in the game.

※Please note Avoid indulging in game time.

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