Creation Battle Spirit

By Gacraze Entertainment Limited

Creation Battle SpiritCreation Battle SpiritCreation Battle SpiritCreation Battle SpiritCreation Battle Spirit

The mad system is full of damage! The screen is bursting and refreshing, and experience the violent impact!

Unlimited genre distribution points! Break through professional routines and restore the development of terminal games!

Super Buddha's conscience bursts! The system is fully covered, and the hardest feedback reward!

[Strongly blasted the screen, extremely refreshing]

Large range! There are no general attacks and all the big moves, gorgeous skills blast the screen!

High damage! Ten thousand people are coming in a team battle, fighting for the first guild!

Furious Combo! The combination goes beyond the limit, and the combo is endlessly cool!

[Ignore career boundaries, freely allocate points]

Break career! Mage Tan Warriors make up, the whimsical is fully realized!

Unlimited distribution points! Hawk style, lion style, cat style, multi-professional free distribution!

Extreme value! Soul card development system, secret and hidden skills!

[Reward guarantee mechanism, full payment]

Point redemption! SSR equipment depends on fighting, the road to prosperity with zero lessons!

Offline earnings! Artificial intelligence leveling, you can make a lot of money when you go to work and hang up!

[Return to the end game balance, the god of free lessons]

Zero lesson synthesis! The devil's materials are endlessly dropped, become the winner of life!

Black market trading! Dark Anonymous Department, experience the greedy humanity of the Middle Ages!

It's cool without fighting! The guild’s exclusive craftsman, there is a lot to play outside of battle!

Minimum system requirements:

*Android 4.4 or above

*Memory: 4GB or more

*Available storage space: 700MB Above

Please allow the relevant save permissions in order to fully utilize the functions of this game.

"Storage" is used to store game data and save services related to game data.


*According to the game software classification management method, it is classified into auxiliary 12 levels.

*This game is free to download and contains some paid content.

*Don’t use it for a long time or imitate it improperly, and take a good rest.

[Contact us]

Official fan club:

Fan benefits will be distributed from time to time. Thousand players activity is in progress!

For customer service questions, please click G-Buoy in the game to report

Or contact customer service mailbox:


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