Call me the big shopkeeper: original and genuine antique management

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Call me the big shopkeeper: original and genuine antique managementCall me the big shopkeeper: original and genuine antique managementCall me the big shopkeeper: original and genuine antique managementCall me the big shopkeeper: original and genuine antique managementCall me the big shopkeeper: original and genuine antique management

In 2021, the most popular original and genuine Ancient business war x simulated business RPG mobile game "Call me the big shopkeeper" is now hot download, take you Come to the ancient capital of the Song Dynasty like a picture scroll and experience the real life in the ancient market~! The new version was launched, and several new knights broke into the world of Bianjing! Traveling in Bianjing with the sword, remembering the dream of martial arts together, "Legend of Sword and Fairy", the dream linkage strikes! Come and Li Xiaoyao, be the world's largest shopkeeper! ! ?

★Official information★

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★Mengxianjian Jianghu is the shopkeeper of Xiaoyao★

- "Call me the big shopkeeper" x "Sword and Fairy" Biography "Dream linkage and cooperation are coming!

- Added "Lock Demon Tower" adventure gameplay to witness the fairy sword love of Xiaoyao, Ling'er and Yueru together~

- Added "Yongan Dang" pawnshop gameplay, Sedum Heroes teach you to buy low and sell high to make big money~

- Brand-new linkage characters Li Xiaoyao, Zhao Linger, Lin Yueru, Sedum, Tang Xuejian, etc., will accompany you through the Bianjing rivers and lakes!

★Opening a shop as a shopkeeper shop has a world ★

- Unique ink painting style, bustling and bustling Shijing Street

- Inns, theaters, bun shops...Take you to experience the characteristic flavor of ancient shops

- Start from a small shop and become the richest man in Bianjing!

★The city's students and all industries are out of the top ★

- Second Leatherworker, Witch Gu Master, Tomb thief...There are all kinds of ancient mysterious professions you don’t know about here

- Shi, peasant, business man, five professional systems! Strong matching of professional shops, unlimited earning speed!

- Shopping malls are like battlefields, send your top door customers to win the business battle PK!

★A beautiful face is like a flower, and it is lovely ★

- Traveling and meeting beautiful women, elegant chess masters, cute Little Junior Sister, Jiaoyan Pinang Sister...Who is your love?

- Harmony with the beauties, harmony with the piano, and experience the beauty of the wedding night in the bridal chamber~

- The fate of the beauties and the doormen can also help you increase the speed of making money~


★Raising a baby has to run with children and grandchildren as early as possible★

- Give birth to the crystallization of love with beauties, together The baby who fell to the ground was raised and brought up~

- Original twin child heirs play, it is said that the next child of Goddess of Mercy and goodbye to the child will be there~

- Find a suitable marriage for the child, and be with the in-laws , Join forces to expand power!

★There are many surprises in the world of business and adventure★

- The world is so big, let’s take a look~ Ride a camel and start your business journey in the Western Regions!

- There are many adventures along the Silk Road, where heroes save beauty and outsmart goods... Random events are constantly playing with surprises!

*This game software classification management method is classified as: auxiliary 15 levels.

*The content of this game involves violence, dating and making friends, and the characters are dressed to highlight the chest and arms.

*This game is free to use. There are also paid services such as purchasing virtual game currency and items in the game.

*Playing games for a long time will easily affect normal work and rest. It is advisable to rest and exercise appropriately.

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