Dream of the End of the World|Four new career arrogances are online

By Gacraze Entertainment Limited

Dream of the End of the World|Four new career arrogances are onlineDream of the End of the World|Four new career arrogances are onlineDream of the End of the World|Four new career arrogances are onlineDream of the End of the World|Four new career arrogances are onlineDream of the End of the World|Four new career arrogances are online

【I want this day, I can't hold my soul! 】

The Great Sage is back! A new chapter in the epic battle of Buddha and Demons!

"Wukong, Longji" demonizes and explodes blood, gorgeous dark attacks!

"Ksitigarbha, Di Shi" Sanskrit sound descends from the devil, the bonus damage is not the Buddha!

The equipment attributes of "Painless Transfer" are automatically converted, and the piano, stick, sword and pestle can be switched at will!

[I want all the demons, and they will all disappear! 】

Bring your brothers to subdue the demons and fight the fiercest battle!

"Primary Showdown" is led by the alliance! A limited time cross-server alliance battle, thousands of people fight together!

"War Soul Warriors" will unlock the potential of war soul for a limited time! Soul bone reborn combat power soars!

"Soul Demon Mountain" All League Chong waiting for a copy! Mengxin is uncomfortable? Just hold your thighs!

【I want to reincarnate, I can't break my love! 】

He, he or she, can eventually become family members!

"Undifferentiated Social" is an extraordinary fairy companion system, where both the same sex and the opposite sex can be connected!

"Yaochi Encounter", a group of people are in a mixed bath and talk about love, and the voice is instantly hot and social!

"Yue Lao Temple" guarantees the most effective! I'm not afraid that no one loves me, I'm afraid you don't love me, sister!

"Complete Love" confession to worship the baby and take the child, the heartbeat process can't stop!

【I want heaven, there is nothing I can do! 】

Extremely sophisticated ancient system for cultivating immortals, multiple systems are changing their lives against the sky!

"Spirit Root Cultivation" completely follows the ancient cultivation process, and experience the most exquisite road to immortality!

"Offline meditation", go to work and place cultivating immortals, and all meridians will be accessible after get off work! Fighting power burst!

"Tianwai Shengong" randomly encounter kungfu merchants and practice hidden martial arts skills!

[I want sentient beings, listen to my orders! 】

The journey of immortality is long, and the spirits and spirits are all cute friends in battle together!

"Lovely pets are in power" cute cats and dogs are the most adorable fairy pets! A wave of the cat's palm hurts the sky!

"Hatch Kundan" Dozens of pets hatch randomly! Ordinary eggs can also hatch true red favorites!

"Pet Bonds" cute pets link new bonds! Activate the potential to share millions of combat power!

Minimum system requirements:

*Android 5.0 or above

*Processor: 2.0GHz or above

*Memory: 2GB

*Available storage space: Reserve 5GB

Please allow the relevant storage permissions to fully utilize the functions of this game.

"Storage" is used to store game data and save services related to game data.


*This game is classified into auxiliary 12 levels according to the game software classification management method.

*This game is free to download and contains some paid content.

*Don’t use it continuously for a long time and imitate it improperly, pay attention to rest.

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