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——Introduction to the game——

The real and complete Yunchui continent is presented in the game, with rich races and geography , History, culture, god beliefs!

Different organizations and different races are intertwined with each other and live in harmony in this fantasy world. Adventurers can plug their wings and experience unfettered flying freely; they can also dive in In the deep sea, explore the home of the mysterious Xi clan.

With this strong sense of immersion and high degree of freedom, we are waiting for adventurers to explore and interpret their own stories.

——Game Features——

【Innovation Technology to build an immersive world]

Maintain a high level of landscape presentation, picturesque in all seasons, looking up to the sky, or flying across the water, or even stepping on Every piece of grass in China shows the vitality of Yunchui Continent. The camera system in the game comes with different lenses such as telephoto and wide-angle, as well as filter beautification function, and there is a motion sensing mode for taking pictures. The subtle sense of shaking makes people feel like taking a camera and shooting in person in Yunchui Continent!

[Multiple identities, free to choose]

In addition to players having the identity of adventurers selected by attributes , You can also choose to be a "musician" or "Grand Thief" and other occupations, and more occupations will be unlocked in the future. The in-game gameplay is very open, and being a musician can "set up a stall" to make money, and it is not a dream to "steal" gold and silver treasures as a thief. With such a different game life, don’t come to step into the novelty field and start another journey!

[Aesthetic appearance, personality creation]

Variable face pinching system, rich characters and personalities The dress up is waiting for you to create, whether it is to create your ideal type or to create a unique self through details and customization, come on an exciting magical competitive journey, which will greatly enhance your experience of the game!

[10,000 meters high in the sky, tandem flight]

The new attitude of tandem flight, unlock the air princess hug, Reap the throbbing high in the sky; there are more 10,000 meters of fierce air combat, against the evil locusts, and guarding the happy home! Riding the wind allows you unlimited freedom! Unleash your flying instincts! This game not only retains the large wings for flying without restraint, but also makes innovative attempts in the appearance of wings!

[Deep-sea world, magnificent and mysterious]

The magnificent seabed invites you to explore the secrets! All kinds of coral fish, break into the secrets of the hidden ruins! Transform, solve puzzles, and hunt for treasures , Choice... An immersive experience across the sea, land and air! You can even explore 20,000 miles under the sea. The mysterious sea veils such as the mysterious altar and the beautiful mermaid are waiting for you to unveil!

※Part of the game involves violence and smoke Alcohol and sex are classified as supplementary 15 levels according to the game software classification management method.

※This game is a free game, but there are also paid services such as purchasing virtual game currency and items in the game.

※Please pay attention to the game time to avoid indulging.

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