Miracle MU: Across the Ages

By G妹遊戲

Miracle MU: Across the AgesMiracle MU: Across the AgesMiracle MU: Across the AgesMiracle MU: Across the AgesMiracle MU: Across the Ages

You can practice kung fu at get off work, gain experience after work, a full set of magic equipment to fight yourself, the best weapons rely on strengthening, log in every day to get points, points shop for good health, five turns into a god, high combat power, the war alliance will meet good brothers again, ten thousand People siege the city and explode! Brothers are united, of course, you have to play the popular TOP1 magical MMO mobile game "Miracle MU: Cross-Era"!

[Comprehensively upgraded game screen]

Super refined 4D graphics and modeling, creating the strongest in history MU picture quality brings gorgeous game sense and visual enjoyment! Fully break through the upper limit of mobile game picture quality, allowing you to relive the classics in full of Ambilight!

[Break through occupational gender lock]

Follow the three classics of swordsman, magician and archer Profession, new mysterious female characters, once the single-sex profession system is changed, the new characters will bring you a brand new gaming experience!

[The value of the transfer suit can be used to maintain the value]

The matching of the transfer suit is no longer locked, and the attributes of the suit are no longer locked. Can be stacked to maintain value, the second-turn shoes, the third-turn armor, and the fourth-turn weapons can now appear on your body at the same time! Thousands of suits have cool appearances, how you like to match them, your fashion is created by yourself!

[Ten Thousands of People on the Same Screen Large Battlefield]

Really break through the restrictions of district service and realize all districts Serve players to fight the Boss on the same stage, giving players an explosive battlefield for thousands of people! Boss has a higher degree of freedom to snatch, and the rules of ownership are no longer single! Be careful! Someone wants to grab your boss!

[Buddha Heart Points Redemption System]

Hang up with points, fight monsters with points, every day There are points! Use points to redeem all equipment! Cool wings, powerful skills, rare materials...exclusive points mall waiting for you to change, you can be full of combat power without class money!

[War alliance team up with brothers]

The new war alliance system, the efficiency of fighting with allies Higher, more refreshing monster spawning, full-screen drop, doubled experience and rewards, and more unique alliance dungeon events. Quickly call up your former comrades and join them to dominate the brave continent in the new miracle!

*There is a camera function in the game, you can save your favorite photos to the album, so you need to open the read/write external storage permission of the application in the settings.

*This game software classification management method is classified as: auxiliary 12 levels.

*This game contains plots of mild violence, inappropriate language, sex (the character wears clothes that highlight the chest and buttocks) and slight horror pictures.

*This game is free to use, and there are also paid services such as purchasing virtual game currency and items in the game.

*Playing games for a long time will easily affect your normal work and rest. It is advisable to rest and exercise moderately.

[Official Information]

FB fan page address: https://www.fb.com/mus .gm99/

Official website address: https://m.gm99.com/mus/

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