Magic Book Revelation

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Magic Book RevelationMagic Book RevelationMagic Book RevelationMagic Book RevelationMagic Book Revelation

The "Fire of Aksha", known as the origin of civilization, was accidentally broken into pieces and scattered in the world.

The civilized world you are familiar with all collapsed. As the owner of the museum, you will carry the weight The mission of shaping civilization.

Crossing through multiple book worlds with many distinctive "magic books", embarking on an adventure journey of retrieving fire fragments!

"Fantasy Book Kaishilu" is the first multi-world book anthropomorphic RPG mobile game.

The game presents familiar Chinese and foreign masterpieces in front of you in anthropomorphic images, spreading the gorgeousness of the West and the mystery of the East through exquisite and vivid 3D modeling. On the multiple world stages formed by the characteristics of different books, various books have appeared one after another, interpreting different "themes" of different worlds together. There are also luxurious Chinese and Japanese voice actors who give their voices to take you into an immersive fantasy journey in another world.

-Game Features-

——Chinese and foreign masterpieces, transfigured into the world

Chinese and foreign masterpieces are transformed into unique "magic books", which will start a show for you A different journey of knowledge.

——Multiple Worlds, Retrieving Reality

Traveling through the unknown book world with the theme of masterpieces, retrieving fragments of "Aksha Fire" and reorganizing reality and civilization.

——Reality comes, 3D interaction

Exquisite 3D modeling, mastering the details of character portrayal, showing the beauty and agility of fantasy books in all directions without dead ends.

——Free movement, infinite strategy

Freely moving combat experience, changing the formation affects the changes of the battle situation, and using strategy to create advantages.

——Luxury voice actors, gathering of stars

Japan’s super first-line luxury voice actors perform, so that each fantasy book reveals the most true emotional expression.

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