My life adventure


My life adventureMy life adventureMy life adventure

Innovative concept "Life Simulation" game!

The latest masterpiece of the Taiwanese independent team

Open a new chapter in life management, and let each generation of you move to a more magnificent peak of life!

▶ Planning an exclusive life route

- A unique career route planning mode, allowing you to expand your career map step by step through your life path

- Use life effectively The resource is to become a roadside gangster or the respect of a country. It all depends on every choice you make at the crossroads of life.

▶ Cultivate unique talents

- through life events , Develop your own abilities, expertise and diverse talents.

- With career accumulation, you can not only benefit contemporary life, but also cultivate unique "talents" for your children's future generations!

▶ Develop a diverse network of partners

- Make friends with all kinds of friends to develop diverse relationships

- Pursue ideals, fall in love, get married, and Breeding the next generation of blood with a unique personality

▶ Prosper the surrounding growth environment

- Unique influence system, through the "influence" of each choice of career path to drive environmental growth !

- Let the whole world gradually prosper with your actions, and rural towns can also prosper and become an international city!

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