Douluo Dalu

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Douluo DaluDouluo DaluDouluo DaluDouluo DaluDouluo Dalu

Authenticated by the Three Young Masters of Tang Family, a mobile phone game of the same name adapted from the TOP1 physical series novels of Chinese sales volume "Douluo Continent", pays off Hundreds of millions of fans expect that download users from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau have exceeded 2 million, occupying the top of the Google Play bestseller list for a long time! The game 100% restore the novel worldview and touching plot, enter Shrek Academy, accept the most severe soul master experience, and find out more than 100,000 combinations of martial arts and soul rings The best lineup to restrain your opponents!

——Game Features——

☆There are monsters every year, especially this year☆

Want to become the strongest soul master in Douluo mainland? Then come to Shrek Academy that only recruits monsters!

Please memorize the soul master class list before enrolling:

Soul master→soul master→great soul master→soul zun→shunzong→soul king→soul emperor→soul sage→soul Douluo→titled Douluo→demigod→becoming a god

☆A martial soul without waste, only a soul master with waste☆

Tang The three twin spirits "Clear Sky Hammer" and "Blue Silver Grass"

Mubai's beast spirit "White Tiger"

Xiao Wu's spirit "Soft Bone Rabbit"

Ning Rongrong’s weapon spirit "Seven Treasure Glazed Glass Tower", etc.

Multiple martial spirits, twin spirits, and martial spirit mutations, you can awaken!

Even the waste martial spirit "Blue Silver Grass" can counterattack and become a god!

☆The combination of spirit and spirit ring is the most important! ☆

Chasing down the soul beast, and sucking the soul ring from the soul beast

Thousands of years, a hundred years, ten thousand years... The higher the year, the stronger the power of the soul ring!

The martial spirit and the spirit ring are cleverly matched, and a variety of spirit rings are interlocked.

The correct combination of spirit rings can inspire the power of the soul master's body!

☆If you can't even trust, can you still count as family? ☆

Reproduce the affection of the Shrek Seven Monsters, and make teammates who share adversity!

Form a team with friends to hunt down soul beasts

Participate in the Soul Master Competition and the Nine Tests of the Sea God

Stand on the pinnacle of the world together!

☆The only thing that can scare me...only to lose you☆

Tang Hao’s broken bones to return grace, Xiao Wu sacrifices spirit ring, Tang Three for love to take the bones, Sea God Island experience...

Original immersive comic experience

Reproduce the classic plot, and then touch the tears of fans!

*This game software classification management method is classified as: auxiliary 12 levels.

*This game contains mild violence and sex (the character wears clothes that highlight the chest and buttocks).

*This game is free to use, and there are also paid services such as purchasing virtual game currency and items in the game.

*Playing games for a long time will easily affect your normal work and rest. It is advisable to rest and exercise moderately.

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