Douluo Dalu 3D: Soul Master Showdown


Douluo Dalu 3D: Soul Master ShowdownDouluo Dalu 3D: Soul Master ShowdownDouluo Dalu 3D: Soul Master ShowdownDouluo Dalu 3D: Soul Master ShowdownDouluo Dalu 3D: Soul Master Showdown

"Douluo Dalu 3D: Soul Master Showdown" has been officially launched!

Dual IP official authorization, animation quality, brand new next-generation engine to create 3D Douluo continent!

▲ Loyal to the original, 100% re-engraved martial arts special effects, and compete with a million soul masters on the same stage!

Shrek College Admissions Regulations

[Exclusive Dual IP Real 3D World]

-The reduction degree is max! New next-generation engine creation, 3D animation quality restores the real Douluo continent!

-"Holy Soul Village", "Shrek Academy", "Wuhun Hall", "Killing City", "Sea God Island"...Multiple maps Explore, hide the easter egg trigger!

-Be loyal to the original IP settings, "Soul Master Classic", "Xiaowu Sacrifice", "Reconstruction of Tangmen"... the classic plot, explosive fighting spirit, touching!

[Martial Soul Awakening SSR Tang San Free]

-Max welfare! Go online and give away "SSR Clear Sky Hammer Tang San", the spiritual leader of the Shrek Seven Devils!

-More than the protagonist party! "Seven Killing Swords", "Sera Wings", "Curious Rong Tian Chrysanthemum", "Blue Electric Tyrannosaurus"...Hundreds of martial arts are waiting for you to collect!

-There is no waste of Wuhun, only waste of spirit master! Properly cultivated, the waste martial arts soul "Blue Silver Grass" can also counterattack and become a god!

[Super Burning Showdown, Winning Soul Master Classic]

-max of pleasure! Particle special effects restore the special effects of all characters' soul skills, and feel the sense of the original soul skills strike!

-Single-player soul skills "Blue Silver Prison" and "Eight Duan Throwing" are so handsome, Martial Soul Fusion Skill "Nether White Tiger" Double!

-The seven monsters are one, gather the Shrek team, match the strongest lineup, show the combo on the battlefield, and find the key to defeat the enemy!

[Hunting the soul beast to absorb one hundred thousand year soul ring]

-Max degrees of freedom! Star Dou Forest is open to all soul masters! Beware of the terrifying soul beasts such as the human face demon spider, the cockscomb snake, the giant giant ape!

- Team up to hunt down the soul beasts to absorb the soul ring, the higher the age of the soul ring, the stronger the increase in the soul power of the soul master! It is also possible to drop SSR soul bone!

*This game software classification management method is classified as: auxiliary 12 levels.

*This game contains mild

-violence (realistic characters fighting and attacking but not bloody)

-sex (deliberately close-up features, etc.) Body parts)

-Inappropriate language (in the game content, accusations, abusive language, text, are mild words such as bastards)

*This game is free to use, in-game It also provides paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items.

*Playing games for a long time will easily affect your normal work and rest. It is advisable to rest and exercise moderately.

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