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—At 10:00 a.m. on June 3, the "God Interpreter" Super-God Doomsday Jihad officially opens—

—Go with the gods to defend civilization—

The beautiful and absurd gods Adventure Roguelite ARPG is coming!

China, Egypt, Lianghe, Olympus...Eight ancient civilizations are gathered,

The setting of all characters are "gods", which makes the game world a whole new look.

This time, we will deconstruct the eclipse together and welcome the dawn that belongs to us.

★The eclipse has reached the end of the gods★

The accumulated cause and effect of the development of human civilization for thousands of years will eventually trigger the big screening program

—— Coming in the form of an eclipse, devouring one old god age after another, forming an eclipse world.

Nowadays, the prosperous modern civilization makes the eclipse come again...

You will be the son of prophecy, guided by your destiny to establish a connection with the godhead.

Along the way, together with all the gods who have met, embark on a beautiful and absurd journey of spiritual relief.

★The Roguelite gameplay opens a new ARPG experience★

The new gameplay combining "action" and "random", with a sense of combo and random dungeons to create endless possibilities. The "Miracle" team can switch candidates at will to achieve multiple combat genres. The gameplay of Uropoulos tests the alchemy formula and the ability to dismantle organ eggs, and constructs an in-game duel where "freshness" and "strategy" coexist. Gorgeous art special effects and unique action design will bring you the most refreshing mowing experience.

★Immersive God Development★

Massive POV plot text, unlock the past and present of the godhead. You can trade with the Goddess of Venus in Faust’s Alchemy Lab; you can enter the White Night Academy to complete the wish of the cat goddess; you can reach the gate of timing to meet Thor’s questions; you can also interact with the gods through the chat terminal and watch the dynamics of the gods. The daily life of the wall makes a great leap in tacit understanding.

—Other game features—

· Each dungeon has a unique theme and a full set of visual design

· Live2D interaction with all members, delicately portraying the characteristics of the gods

· Trendy art style with both sci-fi and fantasy elements

· Voice actors such as Hanazawa Coriander, Yamazaki Haruka, and Kawanishi Kengo will appear in love

This time, because of your presence , Human civilization finally gave birth to new possibilities.

"Son of Prophecy, are you willing to walk with me?"

—Minimum system requirements—

· Android 6.0 or above

· Processor: 2.0GHz or more

· Memory: 2G or more


*This game is classified as a supplement according to the game software classification management method Level 12.

*This game is free to download and contains some paid content.

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