Super exotic princess link! Re:Dive

By So-net Entertainment Taiwan Limited

Super exotic princess link! Re:DiveSuper exotic princess link! Re:DiveSuper exotic princess link! Re:DiveSuper exotic princess link! Re:DiveSuper exotic princess link! Re:Dive

Again, the story connected with you.

The super master animation RPG "Super Exotic Princess Link Re:Dive" kicks off a new generation!

◆Embrace wonderful stories with beautiful animations

High-standard large numbers of animations produced by the well-known Japanese animation production team "WIT STUDIO".

Bring the original dramatic tension and effects of pure Japanese animation!

With the moving music blessing produced by the Japanese god-level animation music composer "Tanaka Kokai", immerse yourself in the fascinating animation world!

◆A large number of full-voice plots

The main storyline written by the popular Japanese light novel writer "Riichiri".

An epic-level novel with over 700,000 characters ingeniously recorded with luxurious voice actors!

◆Easy-to-use but esoteric real battles

Single-finger click to launch gorgeous nirvana, tearing the audience apart! The timing of the nirvana to cast determines the outcome!

Combine cute girls with various skills to create your own strongest team!

◆Deepen the bond with the girls

The longer the adventure with the girls, the deeper the bond between the girls and you.

Upgrading the bond can liberate the special plot and see the unexpected side of the girls...?

◆Beautiful girls who met in Astraia

Gluttonous Peke (CV:M・A・O)

Cocoro (CV :Ito Mirai)

Kailiu (CV: Tachibana Rika)

Youyi (CV: Farming Risa)

Riwa (CV: Nao Higashiyama)

Rei (CV: Hayami Saori)

Hatsune (CV: Ohashi Ayaka)

Miyako (CV: Amamiya Sky)

True Step (CV: Uchida Mari)

There are more than 50 beautiful girls waiting for you!

◆A Japanese god-level animation music composer

Kaki Tanaka

◆Popular Japanese light novel writer



◆A well-known Japanese animation production team


◆Corresponding device

・Android OS 8.0 or higher

・Required Capacity: 2GB or more

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