Daoists please stay

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Daoists please stayDaoists please stayDaoists please stayDaoists please stayDaoists please stay

1. Ancient gods strategy collocation

Wukong, Tathagata, Huangdi, Pangu, there are all ancient gods you can think of. Different combinations of gods can trigger different attribute bonuses. Match the strongest lineup for different opponents!

2. Hundreds of gameplays, free exploration

Various gameplays such as Raid in Heavenly Palace, Jade Lake Offering Treasures, Descent of Underworld Dragon, etc., will bring you a perfect experience of cultivating immortals through the catastrophe! Dungeon breakthrough, fairy league battle, cross-server PK, release your prehistoric power!

3. Ascension to advancement and development of the Buddha system

Free training of spirit beasts, ghosts, and gods, reasonable allocation of resources, and easy combat power with a move of your fingers!

4. Super benefits are not liver or krypton

Online free ten consecutive draws, accumulative 100,000 ingots are free, VIP will be given on the first day, rare red fairy in 7 days, month The card is returned 13 times, the equipment is inherited without damage, and the fairy training resources are 100% returned

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