Happy Landlord

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Happy LandlordHappy LandlordHappy Landlord

Top ten recommended chess and cards! The app recommended by popular brands in Asia!

A collection of poker, game (SLOT), casual games and one! Meet the needs of various gameplay!

★Game Features★

●[Original Prize Pool] The world’s original prize pool fights the landlords! Play cards and explode high prize pools for free!

●[Play Subdivision] Fighting the Landlords 2V2 team, classic mode, bomb mode, comfortable and exciting!

●【Ranking Mode】 The hot season begins, and the whole people strive to be the strongest landlord god!

●【Endgame】Challenge through designated card types and defeat the most powerful brains and intellects!

●[Competition] Survival, integral, and daily bidding! Massive rewards for various events!

●[Synthesis Characters] Up to 50 game characters can be synthesized for free to create individual characters!

●[Crazy Racing] Become a team manager, follow the team to challenge the lap speed, and get a lot of money in the prize pool!

●【Super Fruit Machine】 Authentic SLOT! Large and small prize pool system! Pull the machine to burst the jackpot! The pleasure I have never had before!

●[Crazy Big Stomach King] Watch the Big Stomach King! Cheer and shout! Divide the 10 million prize pool together!

★Multiple benefits★

●Free download, register and send massive rewards! Play for free forever to the end!

●There are too many rewards to receive, register to send, log in to send, play cards, and events to send!

●Win a card game and draw a gift! Play cards to win prizes and get soft!

●Complete daily tasks and get massive rewards easily!

●High asset subsidies, don’t play cards! Hit whatever you want!

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