Sparrow Soul Mahjong

By SoulCreator

Sparrow Soul MahjongSparrow Soul MahjongSparrow Soul MahjongSparrow Soul Mahjong

[Game Introduction]

-Exquisite Japanese Mahjong Game-Sparrow Soul Mahjong is currently in operation!

[Game Features]

-Free to play the two-dimensional game against Japanese Mahjong, enjoy the ladder mode from beginners to masters

-convenient room for friends System, play against the birds from all over the world

- Self-built tournaments, compete with card friends

-3D card table, cartoon rendering, cool special effects, restore the animation Mahjong experience

-exquisite paintings, luxurious voice actors, immersive mahjong competition

-cute character expressions, increase the fun of the game, and unlock rich voice and Dress up

[Follow Us]

-The official website of Sparrow Soul Mahjong:

-Official Facebook page:

-Official customer service email: [email protected]

※This game involves "sex" (character wearing Clothing that highlights the characteristics of women's breasts and buttocks).

※The content of this game uses "wine" as a prop to promote goodwill, and involves the plot to induce and encourage the use of alcohol.

※This app game is free to use. There are also paid services such as purchasing virtual game currency and items. Please make moderate consumption according to personal interests and abilities.

※Please pay attention to the game time. Playing for a long time will easily affect your work and rest. It is advisable to take a moderate rest and exercise.

※ The game is aimed at adults over 21 years old.

※The game does not provide "cash transaction gambling", and there is no chance to win cash or physical prizes.

※Practicing status or achievements in social games does not mean that you will succeed in "cash transaction gambling" in the future

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