2048 HamsLAND - Hamster Paradise

By FUNgry

2048 HamsLAND - Hamster Paradise2048 HamsLAND - Hamster Paradise

Connect the same picture to get as much meals as possible.

You can beautify and extend HamsLAND as food.

Build a paradise of cute hamsters with 2048 puzzles!

▼ Food acquisition

- Mix 2048 puzzles horizontally / vertically to mix images of the same kind.

- Acquired feed is used for HamsLAND enlargement, constructing development, hamster adoption.

- There are special rewards each time you achieve certain numbers (256,512,1024,2048,4096 ...) with 2048 puzzles.

▼ undertake hamster

- Adopt the 60 unique hamsters in every land!

- Watch the hamsters happily in Paradise manufactured from 2048 puzzles.

▼ Paradise Expansion

- Use the meals or coin to widen the ground and construct the constructing.

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Facebook: https://www.fb.com/FUNgryGames/

Developer contact: [email protected]

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