A Street Cat's Tale : support edition

By feemodev

A Street Cat's Tale : support editionA Street Cat's Tale : support editionA Street Cat's Tale : support editionA Street Cat's Tale : support editionA Street Cat's Tale : support edition

Mama cat has gone,

how is a baby kitten to outlive every day on the streets?

※※ Please save your recreation information on the Title Screen

earlier than you delete the app to change gadget, or upgrade to Support Edition

■ Food

It’s inevitable that almost all cats dwelling on the streets will starve.

They often dig through trash to seek out no matter leftovers they'll get.

Or generally eat delicious canned food from nice people if they are fortunate.

■ Many NPCs

Many NPCs with their own unique personalities.

Listen to their stories, get them what they want and they would possibly feed you.

■ NPCs present a number of endings

What will happen to the kitty?

Will the kitty find yourself dwelling with a human? Or stick with the streets?

It's as much as you to guide this poor kitty!

*Feemodev donates 10% of the income from the sport to Cat/Dog shelters.

*Supported languages : English, Japanese, Korean, French, Turkish, Polish

*Language up to date: Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, has been added. (Please perceive, that google translator was one of the best we could do.)

Frequently requested questions

Q)Why is this game so SAD?!

Isn’t the game imagined to be enjoyable and cute?

this recreation is so traumatizing.

A)This sport incorporates the fact of the street cat’s life.

Of course, the content of the sport is somewhat rough or unhappy.

And we perceive your feeling coming from that.

however we don’t have any plan to change the game or ease the violence as a result of there's a message we wanted to ship by way of this sport.

we made this sport as a result of we love cats, not because we hate them.

I hope that you perceive that there are such elements of the street cat’s life.

Thank you.

Q)I at all times get unhappy endings, how do I get happy endings?

A) Instead of ending ‘solitude’ and 'rainbow bridge’. (Ending 5,6)

The endi

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