AFK Master

By Acingfun

AFK MasterAFK MasterAFK MasterAFK MasterAFK Master

In the ancient occasions of chaos, the Eastern and Western realms crossed. Ancient gods now rule over this chaotic world. You, an excellent master, should summon legendary heroes to guard the very cloth of reality from sure destruction.

NEW idle gameplay formulation - Relax, stage up, and kit up - 5 minutes a day will get you all of the way!


Hands-Free IDLE Combat

Experience a new breed of auto-battle - Gain sweet loot, tons of XP, and tons of rewards every time you log in. Play Different - Go Idle.

Auto-Tower Exploration

No need for lengthy dungeon crawls - one tap lets you discover the endless tower whereas AFK - but be careful! Monsters await in ambush - however there's assist to be summoned too!

Generous Bonuses and Events

Level up and get tough with out worrying about the lengthy grind. Abundant resources and Diamonds await you in this informal adventure!

RPG Hero Strategy Evolution

With greater than 300 unique Heroes, six Elements, 5 distinct lessons - the chances are infinite. Play your means.

Worldwide Team Arena

Team up throughout all servers from around the globe in exciting 3v3 battles. Challenge the top gamers for leaderboard domination!

...and far MORE!

Discover combos, hero group synergies, new metas, countermetas... the record goes on! Try PvP or simply take pleasure in PvE, it is all up to you! Start your adventure now!

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