Alchemia Story - MMORPG

By Asobimo, Inc.

Alchemia Story - MMORPGAlchemia Story - MMORPGAlchemia Story - MMORPGAlchemia Story - MMORPGAlchemia Story - MMORPG

◆Design your character freely!◆

Create the character you really want!

Adjust your character's coiffure, top, body structure, eyebrow size, eye color and more!

◆You usually are not alone, discover with YOME◆

Explore with the assistance of YOME!

YOME will quide you to your destination, assist you in battles and help with synthesizing items!

Customize you YOME like your character, and create your perfect partner!

◆Solo-Player Mode◆

Use the Solo Player Mode feature to play by yourself!

If you are feeling you wouldn't slot in with MMORPG group, it is okay!

Use this mode to play extra casually by yourself!

◆Easy communication with Like and Stickers!◆

Send a Like for those gamers who you want to be associates with!

Also, Sticker perform will make communication faster and easier!

Let's make many friends!

◆Battle exhausting with simple commands!◆

Simply select your instructions to fight!

Cooperate together with your YOME and defeat the enemies!

Challenge the strong enemies together with your friends! Maximum of 8 gamers can join the battle!

◆Unforgettable story and characters!◆

You will be in a position to be a part of on this unbelievable world with unique characters!

Enjoy the fascinating RPG story!

◆Ride your Mount and begin new adventures!!◆

Get on a Mamono, discover the world and grow stronger together!

The Mounts aren't just monsters, but also carpets and macarons...!?

★This recreation us for you if...★

・You like MMORPG

・You often play MMORPG games

・You like customizing your character

・You get pleasure from video games where you have varied Avatars


A world where magic meets alchemy.

Its the eve of the Industrial Revolution.

People collect within the city

avoiding Mamonos,

and the younger must

go on an adventure.

And also the Heroes

depart on a journey

to defeat Maou around th

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