Alice's Warped Wonderland


Alice's Warped WonderlandAlice's Warped WonderlandAlice's Warped WonderlandAlice's Warped WonderlandAlice's Warped Wonderland

“Chase the White Rabbit, Our Alice”

~ Alice’s Warped Wonderland: Encole ~

The primary story could be learn progressively everyday. It is now out there in 3 languages, and likewise options premium content material that can be bought.

Available languages English | Traditional Chinese | Japanese

■A simple visual novel where you simply must choose■

A unhealthy end returns you to the previous selection for quick stress-free continuous play.

Find your favorite ending!

For readers who bought the earlier version before the update, a “Phoenix Feather” might be offered free of charge.

■Paid content■ ~For further fun after the primary story~

1. “Curtain Call”, premium content only obtainable on the Encore model of the game!

- Additional episodes “The Stranger in the Land of Memories” and “After Tea Party”

- Fun secrets from the development team! Presented by cute mini-characters in a theatre format

- Character commentary by the script writer of the game, with full character face and physique images!

2. Quality improvements in every little thing together with backgrounds, characters, and UI!

Please enjoy the beautiful Warped Wonderland in full 3DCG!

Story Introduction

I get up from dozing in an empty classroom one late afternoon.

In front of me was an odd man in a gray hood, smiling complacently; the Cheshire Cat.

Calling me “Alice”, he tells me to chase the “White Rabbit”…

And so, the time comes for “Alice” to face her hidden truths within the Warped Wonderland, and the curtain opens to a new tragedy.

Note: “Alice’s Warped Wonderland” is a choice-based text journey recreation.

There are 15 endings in total. Please have fun discovering each one!

How to Control

Please take a look by way of the directions.

- Game Screen -

Turn the Page

- Tap the display to read normally

- Flick the screen downwards to skip

Note: To flick, swipe downwards rapidly with your fi

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