Armored God


Armored GodArmored GodArmored GodArmored GodArmored God

Global Battle wages right now! Players from over 100 regions are difficult you.

Christmas Party: New Version is Coming! Top 3 Players in Cross-server will turn into Bosses. Their original show and power might be duplicated. Dare you challenge them? Cross-server Bosses will be refreshed at 8:00. Ranked top ninety nine in damage rating to gain huge rewards!

Equip godly Armor and ride Epic Mounts to overcome the World!

✔ Huge PVP Battlefield for Global Battle

✔ New Play Mode: Cross-Server Vanhalla Challenge

✔ New System: Wings Breakthrough

✔ New Eudemon: Tiamat

✔ New Event: Upgraded Honor Badge

Warriors, please read the instructions rigorously:

❖Global Server

Players from over a hundred regions have gathered around. Players can compete with one another and form Legions to challenge totally different Bosses and Dungeons!

❖Top Gears

Gears shall be one of the most effective objects to increase battle energy. Gears like Wings and Soul Weapon can be acquired by way of Boss Challenges and Dungeons.

❖Eudemon System

Over 50 kinds of Eudemons with Level 6 ultimate kind. Eudemons can combine with one another and take part battles, providing big further battle power.

❖Transform System

Players can remodel into types like Holy Mecha, Red Orge, Apostle or ‘Night’. Damage might be elevated by 500% after remodeling.

❖Cross-Server Legion Battle

Join in a guild and rally with different gamers. Release your enthusiasm for PK in huge maps. Become the highest player to be admired by the World.

❖Item Market

Item Market with high stage of freedom. Exchange items with other players now.

Trade the Equipment

❖Let’s Tame the Mounts

Multiple Epic Mounts may be chosen. Mounts will accompany players to cross infinite darkness and endure completely different challenges.

❖Final Battle with Titans

Challenge epic Titans and expel the Darkness. Are you ready?

----Official information----

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