Asefat Al-Harb

By Babil Games LLC

Asefat Al-HarbAsefat Al-HarbAsefat Al-HarbAsefat Al-HarbAsefat Al-Harb

Asefat Al-Harb is a free strategy multiplayer game the place you actually management every motion of your troops, struggle for survival, construct a massive army with advanced struggle machines, and gather resources in a competitive PVP surroundings.

In the arid and cruel lands of World War 3, struggle for survival in Real Time Strategy 3D sport. Compete in a PVP battle by making robust alliances to weaken your enemies together with your crafty politics. Combine navy energy and lethal weapons to gain benefit and ensure a superior military.

- 3D Realistic Graphics: witness a struggle battle in totally 3D GRAPHICS.

- No Cool Downs: Build your military and get ready to struggle a PVP battle in seconds.

- Real Time Strategy: freely control your military in a struggle battle, attacking or defending your position in PVP.

- Explore the world: explore every nook of the world seeking useful sources or allies.

- Modern War: fight for survival in a devastated WW3 world lacking assets.

- Conquer the PVP: control PVP battle war zones by attacking or defending your territory from different players.

- War Machinery: choose for the struggle battle over 100 several types of tanks, warships, and plane.

- Battle Ready Soldiers: enhance your technique by choosing between snipers, infantry, and heavy weapon soldiers.

- Resource Control: battle on PVP for the controlling resources is significant for your military progress technique.

- PVP Alliances: join forces with different players to create a joint strategy to win each PVP battle.

- Military base: shield your army base by constructing partitions, turrets, and fortified bunkers in opposition to enemy threats.

- Research: advance your technology to the next period and shock your enemy.

The world is in your palms.

Unify the world map under your military name, struggle epic battles along with your alliance in warzones, take control of strategic PVP areas, clear out the rogue factions in

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