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Audio libraryAudio libraryAudio libraryAudio libraryAudio library

Listen to audiobooks on your smartphone in a convenient mobile application! At the gym, while running, doing housework, walking or driving a car. Audiobooks will accompany you everywhere. And you ... you will not waste a moment - developing your skills or learning another captivating story.

In our catalog you will find extraordinary superproductions read by the best Polish voices, bestsellers, loud news, original podcasts and broadcasts, relaxing content , as well as original audioserials available only at Audioteka. There are over 10,000 unique, well-told stories in Polish.

The Audioteka application is in short:

- browsing the full Audioteka catalog and listening to fragments available for free - it's thousands of hours of listening!

- access to your shelf

- the ability to create a list of favorite items - if you like any audiobook you can easily add it to the list of favorites, which will also be displayed on the Audioteka website

- Google Chromecast support

- Android Auto integration

- easy recommendation and sharing with friends

- offline listening to previously downloaded content

- function snooze (auto-turn off the audiobook)

- option to set the speed of listening to the audiobook (from 0.5 up to 3x faster)

- the ability to rate and review audiobooks

- the ability to listen to podcasts and programs - also free

- receive notifications about new episodes of liked podcasts and audioserials

- constant help and customer service ta

If your shelf is empty, because you do not have an Audioteka account yet, listen to the free broadcasts and podcasts that are available in the application.

If you need help, please contact us at [email protected]

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