Baby Panda's First Aid Tips

By BabyBus

Baby Panda's First Aid TipsBaby Panda's First Aid TipsBaby Panda's First Aid TipsBaby Panda's First Aid TipsBaby Panda's First Aid Tips

Baby Panda has 17 first help suggestions for youngsters.

What should we do in case of danger? Let’s take a look!

In Case of Being Bitten by a Pet

Cut the cleaning soap into items and put them in water. Make soapy water to scrub the wound. Take a cotton swab to dip in the disinfectant and apply it to the wound. Kids, if you are bitten by a pet, call for emergency medical services and go to the hospital for treatment!

In Case of Sprain or Cut

The little girl has a sprained ankle. Her arm is injured too. She wants first aid! Take an ice pack and put it on the sprained ankle to reduce back the swelling! Then wrap it with a bandage. Don't forget to pad her toes to alleviate the pain! Wait! Please additionally apply disinfectant to her arm and wrap it with bandage.

In Case of Bruising After a Fall

The little boy suffered a bruise after falling down. Please help him with the remedy of the wound! First, remove the leaves on the wound, and apply saline answer to the wound to rinse it clean. Then apply an ointment and put a band-aid on it! Kids, please watch your step whenever you walk!

Baby Panda additionally provides first assist suggestions for accidents similar to scalds, bee sting, and insects in the eye.

Through learning the following tips, we hope youngsters can higher protect themselves in case of an emergency.

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