Baby Panda Care: Daily Habits

By BabyBus

Baby Panda Care: Daily HabitsBaby Panda Care: Daily HabitsBaby Panda Care: Daily HabitsBaby Panda Care: Daily HabitsBaby Panda Care: Daily Habits

The “Daily Habits” collection from BabyBus are here! In this new App, BabyBus will assist little infants form the following habits:

1. Put clothes on accurately.

2. Use the lavatory in the best order.

3. Correct behaviors of a choosy eater.

4. Put away toys and books on their very own.

5. Wash hands usually, routinely wash face and brush enamel.

Kids, include Baby Panda and deal with little babies. Help them get dressed, put on footwear, eat food and use the lavatory. Help them type healthy day by day habits and keep them wholesome.


Help the little girl put on a suspender skirt, then a jacket to keep her warm. Don’t overlook to select a pair of nice footwear for her!


Help choose meals for well-balanced meal! Drag the food to their spoons and assist them practice consuming habits!


Help the little girl who is washing clothes! Use brush and cleaning soap to scrub the stains, then rinse the bubbles off and hang around the clean clothes under the sun.


The little boy can’t hold it anymore. Take him to the toilet. After utilizing the lavatory, don’t overlook to flush the toilet and wash your hands!


The solar has set, time for little babies to sleep! Wash face, brush teeth and put toys away before going to bed! Good night time, little infants.

A new day has begun. It’s morning again, time for little infants to get up. Kids, care for them and help them form more wholesome every day habits!

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