Ballerburg - Atari 80s Retrogame

By DonkeyCat GmbH

Ballerburg - Atari 80s RetrogameBallerburg - Atari 80s RetrogameBallerburg - Atari 80s RetrogameBallerburg - Atari 80s RetrogameBallerburg - Atari 80s Retrogame

The mom of artillery video games is back: the famous Eighties Atari ST game Ballerburg!

Beat the citadel at the different facet of the mountain!

- Single participant against 7 pc opponents in different ability ranges and stlye

- Run your kingdoms financial system wisely to achieve priceless assets for your battle

- Graphics and Sound in retro type, as 25 in the past on the Atari ST

Ballerburg proves that simple recreation ideas are also the most effective. Two castles, a mountain - and cannons. Beat the enemy kingdoms castle by hitting its nicely guarded king. For every cannon shoot, angle and quantity of used gunpowder has to be adjusted wisely. Changing wind and the fact, that cannonballs and gunpowder are limited assets make the battle even more fascinating. As the own inhabitants are paying taxes, this money can be used to rebuild cannons and walls or buy gunpowder, cannons and derricks. But don't tax them an extreme quantity of, in any other case your folks would possibly join your opponent.

Now, all those that have been hooked on Ballerburg decades in the past can play the cult classic on their Smartphones - without having to get their old Ataris from attic. And the feeling would be the similar as again then: we tried to get as close to the original version by Eckard Kruse as possible, which means graphics, sound and gameplay - similar as 30 years ago.

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