Battlemage: Magic by Mail

By Choice of Games LLC

Battlemage: Magic by MailBattlemage: Magic by MailBattlemage: Magic by MailBattlemage: Magic by MailBattlemage: Magic by Mail

Will you defend your kingdom with forbidden magic, or backstab the crown? Win tournaments, kiss a prince or princess, or just seize energy for yourself!

Battlemage: Magic by Mail is a 168,000-word interactive novel by Nic Barkdull. It's entirely text-based, with out graphics or sound results, and fueled by the huge, unstoppable energy of your imagination.

You're fortunate you noticed that advert at the market. Learn from home! Full battlemage qualification by mail! it stated. Now, your first battlemage task is lastly here! At final, you can master the magical arts of elementalism, phantasm, therapeutic, and necromancy.

Yesterday you had been only a squire, but today you're an aspiring battlemage! But Sir Kelton says that squires aren't allowed to practice magic, so you'll have to act such as you truly want to be a knight, a minimal of for now.

With the powers you can unlock, perhaps you can win a match or two, or get in good with the royal family—you can even try your hand on the game of court docket politics. Or when you really want to get on Kelton's good facet, prove yourself on the battlefield, defeating the mysterious invaders that threaten your kingdom's borders.

But beware, should you're not cautious, you'll endure from Arcane Corruption. At first, Corruption warps your physical look, however it quickly takes over, putting the magic in control.

You will not let that happen, will you?

• Play as male, feminine, or nonbinary; homosexual, straight, bi, asexual, or poly.

• Manipulate minds with illusion magic, master the elements, channel the forces of life with therapeutic magic, or harness dying with necromancy.

• Compete in event events like fight, archery, and jousting.

• Navigate the royal court docket and use intrigue and betrayal to achieve power.

• Defend your kingdom from mysterious invaders led by a powerful battlemage.

• Compete with other students to gain the notice of the legendary El Cano.

• Romance a fellow squire, a humble stableboy, a prince, or a princess.

Will you be a loyal squire, a strong battlemage, or ruler of the realm?

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