Battlevoid: First Contact

By Bugbyte

Battlevoid: First ContactBattlevoid: First ContactBattlevoid: First ContactBattlevoid: First ContactBattlevoid: First Contact

Take command of an area station on this free real-time (RTS) sci-fi strategy sport with roguelike features!

The year is 2259. The place of the game is a Battlestation.

Commander! We've received something coming by way of the jump gate, signature and silhouette unknown. Recommend sending fighter squad delta to intercept. - Eden, the artificial intelligence of Battlestation.

Reinforcements have arrived Commander! - Admiral Geezer

Battlevoid: First Contact is a free real-time (RTS) area technique game with roguelike sport play features. Set in a universe, the place 3 different species and an unknown threat are nearby, you are in control of the most effective defense humans have left. Take command of the area station named Battlestation, build your personal weapons and fleet, research new technology and order reinforcement starships. Your each choice will culminate into one epic final battle, where your swift selections will resolve if a human colony is saved. Unlike any other tower defence game out there!

* Battle Wave after wave of incoming threats

* Epic boss fights that leave you shaking

* Research and upgrade your Battlestation

* Roguelike sport play options, every sport is totally different with random elements!

* Stunning graphics and easy sport play

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