Belot online (Bridge-Belote)


Belot online (Bridge-Belote)Belot online (Bridge-Belote)Belot online (Bridge-Belote)Belot online (Bridge-Belote)Belot online (Bridge-Belote)

This is multiplayer version of the popular game Bridge-Belote (or just Belot).

You can play in opposition to real players or in opposition to laptop. It also supports reorientation and is appropriate for tablets too.

Another cool characteristic is the voice declares and bids.

In Greece the sport is called Vida (Βίδα), in Cyprus it's referred to as Pilotta (Πιλόττα), in Quebec the phrase was shortened to the first syllable and spelled bœuf, and in Croatian an identical sport with different rules exists, called Bela. In Saudi Arabia it is Baloot.

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