By ZMVtest


Blastomancer is part of Game Development World Championship 2020 Official Selection - a highlight choice of 30 games that caught the judges' consideration

The wicked Distortions were once thought to have been defeated for good, however their sudden invasion proves that clearly someone had it incorrect. Guided by your mentor, Grandmaster Blaster Doolius Fillias, it falls to you, a student of the blastin’ artwork of Blastomancy to put your expertise to make use of, vanquish the Distortions and save the day — and hopefully for good this time!

Become your self a Blastomancer in this puzzle game that includes a fun, playful story and a singular stickman artwork fashion. Blast the depraved Distortions that are invading the universe utilizing a wide range of completely different bombs, meet enjoyable characters throughout special worlds, and look good whilst you’re at it by customizing your character with heaps of cool gadgets from the Style Shop that unlock as you progress on your journey.


- 162 challenging puzzles across 7 totally different worlds

- Unlockable objects to customise your character with

- A charming, playful story and a unique soundtrack to go alongside

- Achievements and Leaderboards

- Free with on-demand adverts only

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