Blood Moon Calling: Vampire Otome Romance Game

By Genius Inc

Blood Moon Calling: Vampire Otome Romance GameBlood Moon Calling: Vampire Otome Romance GameBlood Moon Calling: Vampire Otome Romance GameBlood Moon Calling: Vampire Otome Romance GameBlood Moon Calling: Vampire Otome Romance Game

■ Synopsis ■

Your comfortable life is shattered by the disappearance of your father and the spread of a mysterious scourge. While searching for a remedy, a dangerous vampire lord steals you away for some unknown purpose and introduces you to a world of evening. Mesmerized by Gothic castles, secret passages, and infinite opulence, you fall additional into the darkness.

Will you stop the scourge and discover true love within the light, or pursue forbidden desires and take your home in the underworld? Choose properly and uncover the intrigue of vampire aristocracy, the reality about your mysterious companions, and the secrets inside your self on this two-season romantic epic!

■ Characters ■

・Cassius - The Town Doctor

You belief too easily, lady. You don't realize how harmful I really am.

Cassius is chilly and pessimistic but fast to take charge of any situation. He could also be a skilled physician, but he has absolutely no bedside method. He refuses to open up to anyone, and you can't help however marvel what made him become a health care provider in the first place. Can you prove to Cassius he is worthy of love, despite his previous sins?

・Raoul - The Devout Priest

It does not take much light to push away the shadows. With a little faith, we will cast the darkness aside.

Your childhood pal and a well-respected priest. Kind and constant, he sees the nice in others and does his best to stand in opposition to injustice. Raoul has devoted his life to the church, but when his world begins to crumble, will your devotion be enough to hold it collectively?

・Virgil - The Puppet Master

I'd a lot quite tease you than answer troublesome questions. You're such a cute toy to play with, after all.

The eccentric city puppet grasp who speaks in riddles. 'King' of orphans and misfits, Virgil views the world as a stage, and life is nothing but a efficiency. Can you see by way of his act and discover the person hidden inside?

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