Bulb Boy

By Bulbware

Bulb BoyBulb BoyBulb BoyBulb BoyBulb Boy

One gloomy evening, Bulb Boy wakes suddenly from a daunting nightmare to find that evil has overshadowed the Bulbhouse. His family has disappeared and there are horrid monsters lurking within the shadows. Gather the courage and use his glass head to save every little thing he loves. Find mild in yourself!


Bulb Boy is an intuitive 2D point click on horror adventure about a boy with a glowing head. Solve puzzles, defeat wicked monsters and reveal bulby's talents to unfold a twisted tale. Ohhh... And don't forget to keep away from wasting your Grandpa-raffin and Mothdog from the horrifying darkness..

Key Features

DEFEAT THE MONSTERS -Explore the Bulb home, that is filled with scary creatures. Defeat the evil in all its forms and bring the light again.

BULB'S TALENTS - Being a boy that could also be a bulb comes with many abilities. Not only does your head light up and allows you to survive electrical shocks, however it may also be unscrewed to be used in strange locations.

PLAYABLE FLASHBACKS - Play as other household characters. Relive Bulb Boy's childhood reminiscences to uncover the mystery of the story.

BUBBLE SPEECH - No dialogue, simply bubble speech. Watch the story unfold in animated clouds.

SECRETS - There are things in the home ready to be revealed.

POOP - In many sizes and proportions.

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