By HyperBeard


Welcome to BunnyBuns! A magical pastry shop where I use my MYSTICAL BUNNY BAKING POWERS to mix feelings with fillings to create essentially the most scrumptious pastries EVER!!!

Sure your commonplace HAPPY, strawberry cake all the time sounds appealing at first... however generally it is humpday (...hey Mike, am I proper?!) and a tragic, BLUEBERRY pastry is what actually hits the spot. Tears with tart... YUMMM!!!

I've got the most interesting shoppers! I WONDER where they all come from?! I would ask but I'm just a shy little bunny. One of them appears to be on FIRE! (o.o)

Sometimes, if I give my shoppers EXACTLY what they need, they get REALLY happy and go away me FUN surprises!

I'm still studying EVERY day and I hope to unlock ALL the recipes so I can keep growing my special little bakery.

I HOPE you'll be able to assist me. I can be FOREVER grateful. I could even let you pattern some of my most EXQUISITE desserts!


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