Cafeteria Nipponica SP

By Kairosoft Co.,Ltd

Cafeteria Nipponica SPCafeteria Nipponica SPCafeteria Nipponica SPCafeteria Nipponica SPCafeteria Nipponica SP

Improve a few of recreation balance, graphics, and functions

In this SP edition permits you to experience Cafeteria Nipponica free of charge of charge

※ Fee might be required to unlock all of features.

First we'll arrange tables and equipment and prepare to welcome clients.The customer who ate the dishes will price the store is dependent upon environment and customer service.

From prospects who received excessive scores, they could pupose new kind of services corresponding to Manners Class, Toy Prizes or even Space Choco Tasting! If it holds, the popularity of the shop additionally rank up!

Let's raise your clerk and make scrumptious dishes to replenish everyone's abdomen ! It is a management recreation with plenty of elements that might be played a number of instances.

※There is not any big completely different from the paid version of Cafeteria Nipponica. So those that have already got ought to recommend this to your pal.