Candy Disaster TD

By Erabit Studios

Candy Disaster TDCandy Disaster TDCandy Disaster TDCandy Disaster TDCandy Disaster TD

Candy Disaster is a 3D tower defense technique sport the place you assist the mad scientist Jick in recovering the M89KD power candies scattered on completely different planets, and defend those candies with your traps!

A bunch of unique and powerful monsters are eyeing your candies: The “Wild Stallion”who is satisfied that he is a horse and by no means takes off his horse mask; Sobek the Egyptian god that enjoys cross-dressing; the bullying nightclub proprietor and his greedy Treeman good friend... They’re all after the magic energy of the candies.

3 themes, seventy three ranges, forty three monsters, and three issue modes will take you into this magical universe the place you guard your candies and have enjoyable doing it!

Are you going to pierce your enemies with spike traps which have consciousness?

Or are you going to send your enemies to the opposite facet of the portal with an bottomless abyss?

Or will you launch the enemies as cannonballs into the ocean?

Anything is possible! But watch out, not every little thing will work!

Use your greatest strategy to show these candy-stealing monsters a lesson!

Key Features

-Take Advantage of the Map!

The EA version contains Night Club and Storm Desert. The Night Club operates in forest surroundings while Storm Desert takes place in the desert with ancient pyramids. These two scenes comprise completely different mechanics, so reap the advantages of that! Ice and Snow Cemetery and Candy Factory will be coming soon! Stay tuned!

-Understand the Skills of the Characters!

In your journey of Candy Disaster, you will encounter completely different enemies. Some with powerful skills! Choose the right lure to battle towards them! For instance, the Gravity Net can take down flying enemies by making them land. Know your enemies!

-Combine Traps to Create Attacks!

With a wide range of traps, combine completely different traps to create your means of attacking. For instance, picket arrows can flip into hearth arrows with the help of flame; followers can change the direction of any “bullet” traps. These intelligent mixtures are waiting to be discovered!

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