Cave Shooter-Instant Shooting


Cave Shooter-Instant ShootingCave Shooter-Instant ShootingCave Shooter-Instant ShootingCave Shooter-Instant ShootingCave Shooter-Instant Shooting

Cave Shooter is a well-liked idle taking pictures recreation the place you simply have fun taking pictures and running all day long! Warriors, it’s time to take up arms against the evil tribe on your homeland! An adventurous journey that marks your victory awaits in the primitive era!

Game Features

Ruin Exploration to Build Your Own Tribe

Here you'll benefit from the freedom to assemble any building of your choice and construct a captivating tribe in your title.

Each constructing is featured with its personal operate, where actions associated to Talent, Forge, Adventure, Pet, Hunt, and so on. could be performed!

With a customized tribe, you'll get to indulge in a more relaxed and gratifying gaming experience!

A Randomized Room System with Abundant Gameplay

Over 10 rooms with totally different yield and gameplay to be explored—these room sorts, yield, and gameplay are all generated randomly to usher in a way of unexpected excitement!

Various Distinctive Gods with Diversified Skill Combinations

The variation of fight gameplay is credited to the seven Gods along with the Great Artisan who's characterized by the weapon modification method.

In different battlefield circumstances, as much as a hundred skill combos are available, with quite a lot of combat abilities, uncommon skills, legendary expertise and twin abilities to be uncovered!

An Adventure with Breathtaking View

Start your primitive era hunt in the primeval forest, snow-capped mountain, vast desert, and the world where dinosaurs nonetheless exist now!

Progress Alongside Irresistible Pets

Adorable Triceratops, cute child Pterosauria, dozy Brachiosaurus and numerous of different pets are awaiting your command, and able to be cultivated.

When the ability of each of these pets is improved and mixed with masterstrokes and gear, they may even form into a new style!

Character Costumes, Additional Buffs

Many more character costumes shall be rolled out sooner or later and each character is going to shock you with their unique skills!

Invincible Godsent Items

Some unimaginable items will create an incompatible battle style after being mixed with in-room masterstrokes!

Currently, abundances of Godsent objects having unique options are available to get you extra enjoyable, and there shall be more to come!

More Content and Gameplay

New season, Great Artisan, God Realm and much more new content and gameplay await your discovery!

If you encounter any drawback during your hunt, please be happy to contact us:


Email: [email protected]

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