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Checkers GamesCheckers GamesCheckers GamesCheckers GamesCheckers Games

It is a Checkers recreation also referred to as (Draughts, Dama , Damas, Warcaby, Dame, Shashki etc) all over the world. The recreation is designed to be probably the greatest.

If you had been born previous to the smartphone revolution, you’ve probably spent some time taking half in this basic game! Checkers is a free game that will let you play the epic board recreation anyplace you need, giving you that aggressive fast repair you’re looking for.

Whether you’re a draughts fanatic or someone who desires to point out the game to a youthful generation, Checkers has you coated. With four different difficulty settings providing anything from an informal expertise for newcomers, to an actual challenge for experienced gamers. On prime of that, Checkers players know a ton of variants, and we’ve received you lined with some basic options that may allow you to play the way you love to and find your perfect recreation and technique with:

American Checkers/English Draughts

Mandatory capturing, no capturing backwards, and just one move for the King, the only Checker that can transfer backwards.

International Checkers

Mandatory capturing, and the items can capture backwards. The King can transfer any amount of squares in a diagonal line, so long as the tip sq. isn’t blocked.

Spanish Checkers

Just like worldwide checkers, however without normal items with the ability to capture backwards.

You can play Checkers underneath completely different rules:

- American USA Checkers Game

- Spanish Damas Game

- International Draughts Game

- German Checkers Game

- Brazilian Damas

- Russian Draughts (Shashki)

- Italian Dama Game

- Canadian Checkers Game

- Customized rules

Two Players (Multiplayer):

- Hot seat

- Bluetooth


- Online

The Best Features in our checkers sport:

- custom board sizes - 6x6, 8x8, 10x10, 12x12, 14x14

- small size 4MB

- Daily Challenges

- Beautiful graphics

- Undo and Redo

- Levels of Difficulty vs AI

- Rush mode (5,6,7,8) sec

- Statistics

I hope you get pleasure from it and get so much pleasure from playing. :)

Thank you

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