Coloring Luna - Coloring Book

By Floralmong company

Coloring Luna - Coloring BookColoring Luna - Coloring BookColoring Luna - Coloring BookColoring Luna - Coloring BookColoring Luna - Coloring Book

The tears of the moon keeper

woke the princess from her eternal sleep.

And the tears of the princess

cast off the everlasting curse from the moon keeper

changing him from a monster, back to his human kind.

Their infinite and eternal love

for each other

created a miracle

across time

After the infinite waiting,

that even shrouded the reminiscence of its beginning

all their loathsome curses were cast off

and the lovers had been reunited.

Enjoy the story and paint it.

- Automatic mode for painting the author's color

- Custom mode for making your individual color combinations

- Easy to function, don’t want any drawing skills

best means for relaxing!

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