Convenience Stories

By Kairosoft

Convenience StoriesConvenience StoriesConvenience StoriesConvenience StoriesConvenience Stories

Are you able to redefine convenience?

Step into the sneakers of a convenience store supervisor in this charming enterprise sim. Arrange and customize the store utilizing a extensive variety of merchandise - sweet, drinks, even sizzling meals. The choice is yours!

Add a news stand to promote the newest magazines, comic books, and more. Just remember - this isn't a library!

Sometimes the quickest method to your clients' hearts is through their stomachs! Stock scorching snacks to entice passers-by to fill their bellies and lighten their wallets.

Running an excellent store is a team effort. You'll have to recruit new staff to take benefit of your working hours. Before you understand it, you may offer 24-hour service all 12 months long!

It takes care and attention to take your small business to the following stage. Listen to your clients, help them find what they're looking for, they usually may just turn into common shoppers!

When the time involves expand, cooperation is the title of the game. Negotiate with suppliers and different firms to find new products and unlock your retailer's true potential!

You may not be the one retailer on the scene, but slightly healthy competition by no means hurt anyone! Crush your rivals to take over their territory and become probably the most successful franchise the nation has ever seen!

The beginning of your journey to service industry domination is just a short step away. Stock your cabinets, ring up your register, and begin constructing the store of your dreams!

Why not strive running an amusement park, a hamburger restaurant, or even a campsite?

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