Damone - Italian checkers

By PaPaČut

Damone - Italian checkersDamone - Italian checkersDamone - Italian checkersDamone - Italian checkers

Play and revel in Damone, Italian checkers; a simple, attention-grabbing, and dynamic checkers flavor. And for free, without advertisements :-)!


*Five ranges of issue from beginner to professional and good artificial intelligence

* Simple to be taught: subsequent move advice in the recreation and consumer's guide in the app

* Undor/Redo transfer to assist with playing

* Score tracking

* Programmed with love

The guidelines of Italian checkers are simple:

* It is performed with three forms of pieces; all items move diagonally.

* Pedine (Pawn): You can move Pedine both forward diagonally or sideways. Pedine can seize solely Pedines. Pedine is promoted to Dama when it achieves the square the place does the opposite participant Dama begin from.

* Dama (Queen): Dama can move either forward/backward diagonally. Dama can capture Damas as well as Pedines. Dama is promoted to Damone when it achieves the sq. where does the other participant Damone start from.

* Damone (King): Damone can transfer in the same way as Dama. Damone can capture any piece.


If the player of the checkers can seize opponent's piece, it shall do it. If there are more prospects how a checkers piece may be captured, the following guidelines outline the precedence:

* The piece which may capture probably the most of opponent's items shall transfer.

* If there are more than one paths or items still potential, then the one with highest rank shall transfer.

* If there are a couple of items with the same rank or more than one path for the chosen piece, then the path capturing the largest variety of the best ranked items shall be taken.

Who wins checkers game?

Player who captures all enemy items is the winner of the game. If he canot transfer because the opponent blocks all his/her items, opponent win, participant losses.

How to manage the checkers?

Just tap on the piece you want to transfer and then tap on the goal sq.. In case you wish to do a a number of motion capture, tap on the piece and then on the empty squares which shall be passed, one after the other.


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