Dark Sword 2


Dark Sword 2Dark Sword 2Dark Sword 2Dark Sword 2Dark Sword 2

Featuring the unique dark silhouette, but vibrant graphics, that is the official sequel to Dark Sword.

### Official sequel to the legendary indie recreation ‘Dark Sword’, made by a sole developer. ###

### Over 10 million total world downloads ###

In the world dominated by machines hacked by Azi Dahaka, join the rebellion with female cyborgs, Fatima, and save the human race.

‘Dark Sword 2’ Features

▶ Enhanced Graphics: Incredible dark silhouette motion RPG in sci-fi world setting, Dark Sword is again with much more vibrant graphics and quality. Enjoy the beauty of darkish silhouette action.

▶ Advanced Gameplay: You aren't alone! Form a 3-member squad and battle! Play more powerfully with the tag system and co-op group mode. Hack slash gameplay has been enhanced as nicely.

▶ Diverse Characters: Deploy female cyborgs, Fatima, every possessed with totally different skills and skills, and play strategically using tags and compatibility rates between every Fatima.

▶ Massive Content: Enjoy over one hundred missions with unique cyborg monsters and highly effective bosses of overwhelming sizes. Make Fatima extra highly effective by acquiring numerous parts, gadgets, and battle gears.

▶ Play offline and on low-spec units: Although gameplay, graphics, and content have all been enhanced, the sport nonetheless runs optimally on low-spec devices with out taking over much storage space. Enjoy the game with out Internet as well (Some contents may be restricted when offline).

New System Features in ‘Dark Sword 2’

▶ Fatima System: Become more powerful by upgrading AI, Weapons, Skills, Plugins, Insignia, and Battle Gears.

▶ Impossible Missions: Play co-op missions with Fatima squads and get highly effective rewards.

▶ Equipment Craft System: Acquire the specified crafted tools tier by deciding on the quantity of enter materials to regulate the probability.

▶ Plugins: Increase Fatima’s efficiency by combining numerous plugin shapes on the plugin

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