Dead Empire: Zombie War

By tap4fun

Dead Empire: Zombie WarDead Empire: Zombie WarDead Empire: Zombie War

Dead Empire: Zombie War is a real-time struggle strategy sport set in the late trendy interval. The story is a couple of group of distinctive and fascinating ladies with different life experiences, who assist the Allies struggle in opposition to the invaders and the evil zombie forces created by the invaders in the struggle. You will play as a Commander in the sport. Train highly effective troops and recruit lovely feminine Officers to guide. Unite different Commanders to eliminate the Invaders and evil zombie forces and finally obtain world peace by establishing a stronger Guild!

1. Brand New Troop Control System

The recreation uses a new free control system that permits gamers to command a quantity of troops to march, garrison, and alter targets and marching routes on the battlefield. Strong troops can not prevail with out excellent leadership and strategies!

2. Vivid War Scenes

We have created vivid cities and battlefields primarily based on actual geography from late modern Europe, including landmarks that people will acknowledge. Plus, we've also simulated the famous struggle machines used during the late fashionable period, which goal to convey you again to the period when legends emerged.

3. Real-time Multiplayer Combat

Fighting towards real gamers is all the time extra sophisticated and interesting than battling the A.I. You still need assistance from other gamers, even if you're robust since you will not be combating towards one opponent. It might be a complete Guild, or even more.

4. Multiple Countries to Select

You can choose totally different international locations to play in the sport. Each country has its own Country Trait, and the fight models distinctive to each country are all famous war machines that served the international locations throughout historical past. You can lead the military that you want in the recreation, and launch attacks in your enemies!

Millions of players have joined this legendary battlefield. Expand your Guild, prese

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