Demigods of Destiny:Romance Otome Game

By Genius Inc

Demigods of Destiny:Romance Otome GameDemigods of Destiny:Romance Otome GameDemigods of Destiny:Romance Otome GameDemigods of Destiny:Romance Otome GameDemigods of Destiny:Romance Otome Game


Your life as a school scholar appeared normal… But at some point, you’re visited by a mysterious woman in your desires who tells you that you've got powers that could change the world. You try to brush it off as just a dream, but issues get actual when you’re attacked by a man that controls fireplace!

Just if you assume it’s the end of the road, you’re saved by good-looking demigods! It turns out your powers are wanted to cease Hades’ son from taking control of the world and before you realize it, you’re on a journey to save lots of humankind!

Throughout this odyssey, you’ll discover the secrets of your powers and you might also find what it means to like a demigod…

Are you ready to conquer your future?


Lia - The Confident Son of Zeus

Lia is one of Zeus’ sons and has definitely inherited his father’s confidence! He’s the kind of guy that knows what he desires and gets what he needs. He controls the power of lightning and is second to none in a battle. It seems like he’s taken a particular interest in you, however will you have the ability to keep up with him?

Rain - The Mature Son of Poseidon

Rain is a son of Poseidon and is much calmer than his good good friend Lia. He’s extremely knowledgable about all issues associated to the gods, but can also maintain his own in a fight utilizing his control of water. He sees you extra as his pupil at first, but will you have the ability to become greater than that to him?

Grin - The Protective Son of Gaia

Grin has been your good pal since childhood and has solely lately discovered that he’s a demigod. He is usually a little timid, but he does every little thing in his power to guard you from any type of menace. As you overcome obstacles together in your journey, you start to feel like he’s more than just a friend. Could he really feel the identical method?

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