Dino Quest 2: Jurassic bones in 3D Dinosaur World

By Tapps Games - PT

Dino Quest 2: Jurassic bones in 3D Dinosaur WorldDino Quest 2: Jurassic bones in 3D Dinosaur WorldDino Quest 2: Jurassic bones in 3D Dinosaur WorldDino Quest 2: Jurassic bones in 3D Dinosaur WorldDino Quest 2: Jurassic bones in 3D Dinosaur World

Imagine yourself living in a Jurassic world, the place fully 3D dinosaurs and fossils may be explored simply via a few clicks on your phone: welcome to Dino Quest 2, the sequel to the highly acclaimed paleontology/dinosaur recreation, Dino Quest!

Travel the world and uncover fossil after fossil to assemble your museum's collection in the best cellular paleontology sport! Dig up dinosaur bones, complete new fossils, and begin your individual Jurassic park in your dino museum.

Speaking of a dinosaur museum, this time around, you will get behind the administration of your very own dino museum! Attract extra visitors with new, spectacular dinosaur species you've dug up in your excavations as a paleontology master!

Fully 3D dinosaur fashions so that you can explore - it is a Jurassic world dropped at life, once more!

Several completely different dinosaur species await for you, the most effective paleontologist we've!

Bring increasingly visitors to your museum to earn extra money and upgrade your operations and discover even more dinosaur fossils!

Manage your personal museum and watch it grow - let's bring dinosaurs back to life to all these people!

Please observe! This Jurassic recreation is free to play, but it incorporates objects that can be bought for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description of this dinosaur recreation may also need to be bought for actual money.

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