Ditching Work3 -room escape game

By 株式会社ワークス

Ditching Work3 -room escape gameDitching Work3 -room escape gameDitching Work3 -room escape gameDitching Work3 -room escape gameDitching Work3 -room escape game

Ah, dang, additional time again right now?!

...All right, I'm gonna ditch work once more

Sneakily ditch work with out your evil boss noticing in this escape/puzzle recreation. Can you get out of labor in a single piece?

Hang in there, you lowly wage slave, don't surrender! 30 levels in whole. And this spherical features one other special level on the end

●How to play

It's tremendous simple. Just tap something that appears interesting and use items.

If you get stuck on a puzzle, you can watch a video for hints!

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