Dodge Agent

By Yayy

Dodge AgentDodge Agent

Your mission, should you choose to simply accept it, is to interrupt into the most heavily guarded secure vault on the earth, bypassing lethal security methods and tons of of armed guards, to have the ability to steal the key to saving the world. You are a secret agent known only as the Dodge Agent, a master of evasive acrobatics, stealth, and infiltration. You can bypass any safety system on the planet. You can evade entire armies of armed safety guards. But are you capable to be the particular agent who saves the world?

Who needs lock picking? Why unlock a gate when you probably can scale the wall? Why disarm the laser safety when you'll have the ability to dive past the lasers faster than the eye can see? You don't need any tools except your amazing ninja expertise and lightning quick reflexes. Keep to the shadows and dash to your goal, this can be a fast paced action sport and also you higher be ready to hold up!


Swipe to Dodge! Sprint by way of excessive tech laser security fields, swipe to leap and dive past the lasers to reach your goal!

Lethal Obstacles! Those lasers will slice you down into little pieces when you're not cautious, watch out!

Challenging Gameplay! Easy to pick up, harder to grasp. You need cat like reflexes to be the best secret agent in the world, do you have what it takes?

Explore the World! Your targets are scattered everywhere in the world, every stealth mission will take you to a new location with new obstacles and enemies.

Dozens of Secret Agents to play as! Pirouette around the guards as the ballerina. Sling via the lasers with Spidey's string shooters. Go unseen and unheard because the Cat Burglar, master of stealth and shadow. Can you unlock them all?

Amazing Graphics! Experience the Dodge Agent vaulting over glittering laser beams in the best HD graphic quality!

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From the Studio that brought you Mr. Bullet, Happy Glass, Ink Inc and Love Balls!

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