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Welcome to a magical world of mysterious elves and magic. Together allow us to become the saviors of this magical land!

The land of the Elves saw peace for eons, a peace that lasted till the evil dragons attacked.

They devour everything in their wake. Mountains, rivers, forests, Life Trees. They spared nothing, leaving Dark Land wherever they went.

The Elf Queen led the Elves in resistance, and whereas they repelled the dragons for a quick time, they also suffered heavy losses.

And so, on this great disaster your burden lies heavy:

You should explore the world and acquire treasures

Find Elf Eggs and hatch them

Evolve your Elves and defeat the evil dragons

Free Rukh and heal the corrupted land

Merge miracles and create a beautiful homeland

☸Game Features

★More than 300 Stages so that you can problem.

★More than 600 magical gadgets for you to collect.

★More than 50 cute Elves for you to discover.

★More than one thousand quests so that you just can complete.

★Countless Dark Land for you to heal in your Home.

★The Elf Queen comes bearing surprises each day.

★Upgrade and evolve your cute Elves.

★Command your Elves to construct a wonderful Home.

★Make like-minded associates in-game.

☸For Beginners

✔Placing three identical subsequent to one another merges them, and by merging items you create new gadgets.

✔Placing five equivalent gadgets next to each other created an additional reward.

✔Try to all the time match 5 items together as an alternative of 3.

✔Rukh is the life pressure of Elfland. With it you possibly can heal the land and defeat the evil dragons.

✔Your progress in a stage is mechanically saved and if you shut your game, you can proceed proper where you left off when next you login.

✔If the display screen is locked, merely faucet the Lock formed button in the lower left nook to unlock it.

☸Special Attention

★No matter what occurs, don't delete the game, as in doing so you will lose your recreation progress (we are working exhausting in enabling cloud saving)

★If the display screen is locked, simply tap the Lock shaped button within the decrease left corner to unlock it.

★If you could have any questions concerning the game, please send us an email to: [email protected]

Alright, what are you waiting for, obtain the sport and dive into Elfland!

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